Sicilian Inspired. Made in San Francisco.

Video produced by Blake Tucker.


Rooted in Italian tradition, yet uniquely American, Amaro Cannella is a balanced bitter liqueur like no other. Our take on the classic Italian amaro is defined by a gentle, sweet aroma, a complex balance of over twenty herbs, botanicals, and citrus, and a signature bittersweet finish. At 33% abv, and with much less sugar than a traditional Italian Amaro, it satisfies on its own and has great versatility in cocktails.

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Inspired by founder Joe Cannellaโ€™s formative travel experiences in Sicily, where he discovered hand crafted cinnamon spirits that (gasp!) tasted of genuine cinnamon, Cannella Cinnamon Cordial is produced with a blend of four unique, carefully sourced cinnamon varietals and other spices. At less than 6% sugar by volume, it stands sippable on its own, and with its cleaner, layered profile it plays a balanced role in an array of craft cocktails.

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