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OVERVIEW  Rooted in Italian tradition, yet uniquely American, we introduce to you Amaro Cannella! Inspired by founder Joe Cannella’s  formative travel experiences in Sicily, Amaro Cannella is a balanced bitter liqueur like no other. Our take on the classic Italian amaro is defined by a gentle anise-forward nose, a complex base of over twenty herbs and botanicals, citrus notes, and a signature bittersweet finish.

At a higher proof and much less sugar than a traditional Italian Amaro (33%abv), it both stands on its own and has great versatility in cocktails.

WHAT’S IN IT  While the formulation is proprietary, we can share that gentian root drives the bitterness, and it includes fennel, coriander, anise and Ceylon (“true”) cinnamon among many other botanicals, roots and spices.

HOW TO ENJOY  On the rocks with a splash of club soda makes for great sipping. We also recommend Amaro Cannella in a Paper Plane, and other classic amaro cocktails. A light pour over ice cream will impress your guests.

ABV: 33%
Format: 750ml
Cases: 6x 750ml