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OVERVIEW  “Cannella” is our family name, and the Italian word for cinnamon.  Inspired by founder Joe Cannella’s  formative travel experiences in Sicily, Cannella Cinnamon Cordial is crafted as an after-dinner digestivo, and for craft cocktails.

At less than 6% sugar by volume, Cannella Cinnamon Cordial stands sippable on its own, and with the cleaner, thinner (not syrupy) profile it plays a balanced role in an array of craft cocktails.


WHAT’S IN IT  In traditional fashion, the ingredients are clean and straightforward. Made with brandy, neutral spirits and spices, including a blend of four unique cinnamon varietals (Ceylon (“true) cinnamon from Sri Lanka, and cassia cinnamon from Vietnam, China and Indonesia).

HOW TO ENJOY  On the rocks with an orange twist, or try in one of our signature cocktails!

THE BOTTLE Old world meets modern design. The triskele symbol, which is also used in the Sicilian flag,  is based on man’s oldest stone carvings. Each bottle is hand-signed by founder and producer Joe Cannella.

ABV: 34%
Base: Grape Brandy + Neutral Spirits
Sugar: Less than 6%
Format: 750ml
Cases: 6x 750ml