If you haven’t caught wind of it yet, we are building a distillery, cocktail bar, retail shop and espresso bar launching in Reno, Nevada in 2019! Many know us for our award-winning Cannella Cinnamon Cordial, Amaro and Fernet and we are currently building a brandy-focused distillery at 541 East 4th Street (previously occupied by our friends at Reno Bike Project). More about our Sicilian family inspiration and story at Our Story.

We are running a campaign to garner support for our new 4th Street Distillery and to give out the deal of a lifetime: Free Drinks for Life! - Literally free drinks for the rest of your life at our distillery!

No gimmicks. No tricks. One drink at our distillery, each month, for the rest of your life. This is a one time offer to help us launch, not something you will see again.

We are working hard to finish the buildout for our space, which will include a full production distillery, cocktail bar, coffee bar and retail shop, as well as a rebranding as Ferino Distillery.

Your participation will help us build out the space and get our initial production runs going early in the new year.

Progress to Date:
We are about halfway through the buildout. We have secured our federal distilled spirits permit and are finalizing our state and local licenses. Our landlord is investing in getting the space up to code, production equipment is on order, and we are now working on the design for the bar and our retail space.

We have a national US distribution deal in place that launches in 2019, extending our reach beyond the state, and we have multiple requests for some exciting contract distilling. We just need to finish the build out of the space and start making juice!

How it Will Work:
Drinks for Life supporters will be able to redeem their free monthly drink onsite with a personal login. You’ll login at the distillery and be able to redeem your drink in person! You can choose from one of our many specialty craft cocktails and mixed drinks that include spirits that we make in house. We are also working on some exciting local beer and wine collaborations that may eventually open up your free drink to beer or wine.

Risks & Challenges:
There are a lot of hoops to jump through to launch a new bar, much less a distillery + bar + retail + espresso, but fortunately the city of Reno has been thus far very supportive of the project and we have a highly experienced bar management and planning team that is making sure we quickly navigate all necessary measures.

Current Status:
Construction and testing! We are working on recipes for new products, and pushing to get the bones of the space finalized so we can get equipment, furniture and all the other final touches in place.

Follow along with our progress by signing up to our email list.

We are pushing to launch production in January / February, at which point we can give tours & tastings and open our retail shop where customers can purchase our bottles to enjoy at home. Phase two will be our cocktail bar which we plan to open by summer 2019.


- Does the Drinks For Life program expire?

Nope. If you are a supporter - its forever. Unless we close as a business, we're going to support you and you'll be able to redeem drinks on location forever.

- Do drinks need to be consumed on site?

Yes, drinks will be served on site and must be consumed on site - this is the law in Nevada.

- You guys will have beer & wine right? Can I have other types of drinks?

Yes, we will serve local beer & wine at our bar! However the drinks for life program supports cocktails, mixed drinks and shots that include our in-house spirits. So grab a shot & a beer and the shot is on us!

- What about Tips?

Tips are not included in the drinks for life program. We invite you to support bartenders with the customary American tip for drinks. Usually $1 or $2 per drink is perfect. The tip goes directly to the bartender and not to Ferino Distillery.

- Can I share my Drinks for Life Program with Friends?

If you live out of town and want to gift the program to a local, you can transfer to them (one time, and permanently!). Otherwise, supporters can only claim the free monthly drink for themselves, but please do invite your friends to also participate - it’ll be even more fun with friends!

- I missed a month? Do I get to drink 2 drinks the next?

Our drinks program does not bank. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy our drinks and we will send you monthly reminders to come in and redeem your free drink.

- Do I have to live in the Reno area to enjoy this program? 

Nope - we invite supporters from around the world. Try our spirits and cocktails during visits or know that your support is enabling high quality spirits to be enjoyed by many!

- What other entitlements does the program entail?

Ferino Distillery Drinks for Life members will also be invited to special events, early tastings and tours, classes, and discount programs!

See Ferino Distillery Drinks for Life Terms and Conditions at CannellaSpirits.com/drinksforlife/terms 


$100 USD
Drinks for Life for $100

Join our Drinks for Life program! The program rewards anyone that invests $100 or more with one free drink at Ferino Distillery in Reno, per month, for life. Seriously. Choose between cocktails, mixed drinks and shots of spirits made on site.

Estimated Launch Date: June 2019