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OVERVIEW  Rooted in Italian tradition, yet uniquely American, we introduce to you Fernet Cannella! Inspired by founder Joe Cannella’s formative travel experiences in Sicily, Fernet Cannella is a fresh take on a classic Italian spirit. 

Overproofed at 42%, and with under 5% sugar by volume, Fernet Cannella is drier than you might expect, and foregoes the traditional caramel coloring you’ll typically find in most other Fernets. This allows us to better showcase the ingredients and allow them to shine through.

Fernet Cannella_750mL_Front.jpg

WHAT’S IN IT  While the formulation is proprietary, we can share that among many other botanicals, roots and spices, we are Fernet Cannella includes myrrh, saffron, turmeric and angelica root.

HOW TO ENJOY  On the rocks with a lemon twist makes for great sipping.

THE BOTTLE Old world meets modern design. The triskele symbol, which is also used in the Sicilian flag,  is based on man’s oldest stone carvings. Each bottle is hand-signed by founder and producer Joe Cannella.

ABV: 42%
Base:  Neutral Spirits
Sugar: Less than 5%
Format: 750ml
Cases: 6x 750ml